Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob 2017: Photo and Video Review

If you are interested in motorcycle technology, be sure to check the review of Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob 2017. We also recommend to pay attention to the analogues of brand HARLEY-DAVIDSON.

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The history of American Harley-Davidson motorcycles begins with a small engine designed by William Sylvester Harley in 1901 and installed on a bicycle. The prototype of a more serious bike was created in September 1904. It immediately took part in the race for the State Fair Park, where it took the fourth position. This motorcycle race is considered to be the first documented appearance of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The engines of this brand went on sale in the winter of 1905. Six months later, the sale of assembled motorcycles began, although in very limited quantities, because they were collected manually in a small barn.

The company built its first factory in 1906, in the first year this small factory produced 50 motorcycles with single-cylinder engines. A more powerful bike, equipped with a V-Twin engine, Harley-Davidson presented at the Chicago Auto Show in 1907. Until 1913 motorcycles were equipped with this power unit and already in 1914 the company became the leader in the production of motorcycles in the US, their sales increased to 16 thousand pieces per year. During the First World War, Harley-Davidson received a military orders, in total for the needs of the army, company produced more than 20 thousand motorcycles. By 1920, it became the world's largest motor-car manufacturer.

The modern style of Harley-Davidson motorcycles began to loom in the 20s of the last century, when they began to be equipped with a recognizable and now drop-like gasoline tank. Over the next four years, the company motorbikes were distinguished by a front brake and new engine with a lower valve arrangement. Nowadays, in the design of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, revolution engines with a liquid cooling system are used. The company has built a separate factory that produces V-Rods. In 2010, its motorcycles became known as the most economical and convenient. In the lineup of Harley-Davidson there are five lines of motorbikes.

Choosing a Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob 2017 motorcycle, you seem to touch the legend. And this gives you a lot of positive emotions and pleasures.