Motorcycle Gloves: Photo and Video Review

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Motorcycle is a symbol of style. On the bike we feel fun and the adventure, but to ride a bike, especially when on a long journey, very special measures have to be taken, such as safety measures. These include motorcycle gloves, knee pads and helmets.  Gloves are one of the most important safety precautions.

Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves are an integral part of safety while riding a motorcycle. Finding gloves that fit snugly and well enough to protect your hands from injury is as essential as finding the right bike. The style of wearing gloves depends on riding time and what you intend to do when you plan to ride. There are excellent pairs of motorcycle gloves effective on the road, off the road, or in somewhat bad weather; the usage and type of gloves is situation-dependent.

Benefits of motor cycle gloves:

Hand protection: Motorcycle riding gloves protect hands while riding, along with keeping the hands warm. They are designed to serve both the purpose of hardness and peace of mind. They protect hands from injury, whenever you need to use the bike to hold or fix yourself from falling.

Circulate air: Many gloves are made to keep hands dry. Gloves help circulate air to prevent fingers from sweating more; such handle bars have more grip and do not slip.

Keep the water out: Motorcycle gloves prevent and protect the hands from being affected from water. Many people prefer waterproof gloves to filter the water through the gloves without getting their hands wet. 

Provide comfort: Gloves are effective in making you travel more comfortably, especially on long trips, in a harsh region or on a track. They can help prevent acne and skin irritation.

Types of motorcycle gloves:

Gauntlet gloves: They fit on the hands like it was worn by medieval knights. The Gauntlet gloves have a blanket layer on the nucleus to effectively protect the hands from injury, which provides comfort during any kind of injury. Gauntlet style gloves are also larger and come with more padding.

Gauntlet gloves

Racing gloves: Riders often take part in fast, exciting races. They are very adventurous, fun and brave. On the other side, these races are incredibly dangerous.  Because accidents during these races are extremely serious; therefore, it is very important to make sure that the protective clothing used before any race is up to date. In such scenarios, your hands also need to be very active. The best choice and decision for this purpose is to invest in gloves that are made specifically for the race. These gloves provide flowing protection because they are made of high-quality fabric that has been knocked hard with extra padding to protect it from any kind of hand injury. They also provide extra security to the wrist. Racing gloves are effective during motorcycle racing sports. They are made of bold leather and are usually light in weight. They have more layers of protection and provide a more comfortable grip. They come in different designs and colors.

Racing gloves

Dirt motorcycle gloves: Dirt motorcycle gloves are made to hold hands with handlebars. Designed specifically for dirt bike racing, they can also work for road trips and other riding styles. They are small in size and mostly come on the rider’s wrist.

Summer gloves: Spending summer vacations outside is a great time to go through situations that are very difficult and challenging. Motorcycle summer gloves make riding fun during the summer,  because they do not feel sweaty and sticky on the palms. Sticky hands can cause you to lose control of your motorcycle. If the handle bar slips from the hands, it can result in a fatal accident. To avoid this, gloves must be made of breathable material. Because summer gloves are made specifically for the purpose that they are exceptionally breathable and even provide ventilation. They are made of lightweight, perforated material to accommodate and meet your needs. These gloves are made for use during the hottest days of the year.  Summer gloves keep fingers cool while riding by circulating air. They keep hands dry and prevent sweating.  They are very light  weight and are made of fabric that evaporates sweat.

Summer gloves

Winter gloves : These gloves provide warmth during cold weather. Winter motorcycle gloves are made for warmth purpose in mind. It is made of thick cloth or material to keep hands warm and waterproof. They keep the blood circulation in the hands normal and energetic and do not slow down or freeze the hands due to cold air. They come in different designs and are mostly made of warm wool , wool silk lining and leather. Winter gloves are available in different variety for both male and female. For example, upgraded touch screen anti-slip silicone gel – elastic cuff – heating soft wool lining – knitted stretch material.

Winter gloves

Heated gloves: Heated gloves come in a range of sizes and styles. Unlike traditional gloves, warm gloves consist of elements that generate heat, contain small electrical wires and small replaceable or rechargeable batteries. Through which heat is generated. Most of these are “electric” gloves with a button. They need to be pressed to generate heat. The second type of chemical is hot.  They contain warming packs with iron and other ingredients. Gloves generate heat when exposed to cold air. Both types of gloves are very safe and are effective in keeping hands warm.

Conclusion:  Motorcycle gloves help protect your hands from injury or weather effects, the choice of gloves depends on your style of riding. Gloves come in all shapes, sizes and designs. If you are planning a road trip, you will need to invest in gloves that are more durable, stiff and water resistant, while anyone with a dirt bike will prefer gloves designed for grip. Before choosing gloves, make sure they are comfortable. They do not feel the sting,  and they fulfill their desired purpose.